Monitor Artifacts

Monitor supports 2 artifacts:

1.Dashboard : You can create a monitoring dashboard by defining its configuration in a JSON file

2.Custom Functions: You can write a custom function for the Anomaly detection model

How to create and import dashboard for Monitor

Creating Dashboard

1. Dashboard JSON Schema for creating dashboard cards.


2. Hands On Lab for creating summary and instance dashboards for Anomalies models

Doc Summary Dashboard



Doc Instance Dashboard



How to create and register custom functions/model with Monitor

-Doc tutorial:

-Video Tutorial:

-Code Pattern:

Adding IBM Maximo Asset Monitor Custom Content to Digital Twin Exchange

1. Getting Started

For a tutorial on creating custom Maximo Asset Monitor content and testing please see the following tutorial, as this guide assumes you have a functioning custom asset to add to the Digital Twin Exchange.

For general questions about being a content provider on the Digital Twin Exchange please see our FAQ! This guide assumes you have been onboarded onto DTE and already have a storefront.

2. Packaging Your Product

To get started download your product from your source control solution and zip the content to be distributed.

Also be sure to prepare any supporting documentation, licenses and product descriptions/screenshots ready.

3. Uploading Your Product

a) To upload your product, go to and log in to your vendor account.

b) Click on “Admin” on the left side panel > click or hover and choose “Products” 

c) Click on “Add New” on the upper right corner

d) Fill out the form with appropriate product name, descriptions, categories and tags. (We recommend adding the Maximo Asset Monitor tag)

e) Once your product submission looks complete, click on “Submit” on the bottom of the page.

f) Your product is now published and ready for purchase!

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