Asset Monitor Robotic Twin Simulator and Dashboard

Asset Monitor Robotic Twin Simulator and Dashboard

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This digital twin provides device, data, and dashboard downloads that demonstrate how an IoT administrator can define simulated devices, apply analytics, build dashboards, and view the status and metrics in the dashboards.

The complete tutorial is part of Monitoring End to End Tutorial at:

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In this 4 part tutorial you will learn to:

Part 1: Add data

Create a painting robot entity type and use REST APIS to send device events.

Add input data

Part 2: Add dimensions and image

Add dimensions and descriptive images to the your entities (devices)

Add dimensions and images

Part 3: Add an instance dashboard

Configure an instance dashboard for the robot entity type that you created. Monitor the load levels for a specific painting robot.

Add an instance dashboard

Part 4: Add a summary dashboard

Configure a summary dashboard for the robot entity type that you created. Monitor the average work completed by all of the painting robots in the automotive production line.

Add a summary dashboard

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