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The IBM Digital Twin Exchange is a ecosystem for content providers to share many different types of digital resources related to assets. Content providers use the IBM Digital Twin Exchange to easily upload equipment data such as Bill of Materials, as well as efficiently communicate with end users. The IBM Digital Twin Exchange also helps to mitigate accounting and taxes concerns by providing a standardized process of selling content. Within the Exchange, these digital twin resources are generic to all assets that are related to the physical asset associated with the digital twin. Therefore, they may be applied to any instance of an asset. To expand to a true operating twin, you'll need to build upon the digital twin templates to connect sensors and operating history. This could be done through existing enterprise asset management solutions such as IBM Maximo, and asset performance management tools while connecting the IoT sensor data to the record.

Currently, an end user has to find or request digital twin content such as Bill of Materials from vendors separately. After receiving a Bill of Materials document in PDF format, the end user may then spend over 20 hours manually entering data into enterprise asset management solutions such as IBM Maximo Asset Management.

The IBM Digital Twin Exchange is a ecosystem for end users to easily search and access many different types of digital resources related to assets. Upon purchasing your digital twin, if the digital twin is compatible with IBM Maximo, an user may import digital twin into IBM Maximo (view demo here). Ultimately, end users would be able to save time, as well as better understand and optimize the performance of installed assets.

Listing your content at the right price will help to reach your customers, and the right price might depend on your business priorities, pricing strategies, market dynamics, and more. If you are not sure how to price your content, you can look around on the Digital Twin Exchange for similar content to get an idea of what other content providers are charging. You can also talk to your end users to gauge their willingness to pay and the right price point. Finally, you are welcome to book a session with our IBM Consultants to go over different pricing options.

Please find a step-by-step instruction here: Bulk Upload Instructions PDF

If you would like to schedule for a 1:1 working session with a member of our team, please email ibmdtwin@us.ibm.com

Here is a list of sample content that we are currently accepting from content providers:

An Export Classification Number is a five-character alphanumeric key used in the Commerce Control List (CCL) to classify U.S. exports and determine whether an export license is needed from the Department of Commerce.

We require third parties to provide the export classification of their items listed on the IBM Digital Twin Exchange. Please obtain advice from your legal counsel or consultants familiar with this regulatory area.