Welcome to the IBM Digital Twin

Leverage the IBM Digital Twin Exchange for easy access to digital twin data for equipment, facilities and IoT

Step 1: Get Access

  1. Create IBM ID
    • If you don’t already have one, create a separate IBM ID for each individual who will have access to the IBM Digital Twin Exchange under your company account. Link

2. Create an account on the IBM Digital Twin Exchange

  • In the upper righthand corner there is an icon of a user.  Click or hover and choose “Login”

  • Enter the IBMid you’ve created in step one to access the site

Voila! You are in

Step 2: Browse digital twin content

  1. Type what you are looking for in the search bar

2. Filter by digital twin types

a) Click on Exchange --> Browse on the left-hand panel

b) Filter by digital twin type and industry on the right-hand side

3. Add product to cart

a) Read the product description

b) Click on “Add to cart” if the product is what you are looking for

4. Visit a store

a) Click on the store name on the product page (e.g. Big Iron)

Step 3: Purchase digital twin content

  1. Review products in the cart

a) Click on “Proceed to Purchase Credits” to be taken to the IBM Marketplace

b) Purchase enough credits to cover the total cart value

c) Come back to your cart to enter the store credit number

d) After successfully applying the store credit, the cart total would be updated to $0. You may then click on “proceed to check out”

e) Confirm your billing and contact details. Click on “Place Order”

Step 4: View your purchased orders and downloads

a) Click on “My Digital Twins” on the left side panel.  Click or hover and choose “Orders” to view order history

b) Click on “My Digital Twins” on the left side panel.  Click or hover and choose “Downloads” to download purchased digital twins

Step 5: Import digital twins into Maximo

a) User can obtain the API key from the Account details page

b) This integration with Maximo allows content providers and manufacturer’s digital assets data related to physical assets to be added or updated in Maximo. This data can be used to create work orders using job plans for asset maintenance. There is a new action “Import Digital Data” in Assets application

c) When a user clicks on the action, the “Import Digital Twin Data” dialog gets displayed. The user needs to use the email id and key from the Digital Twin Exchange account in this dialog and click on the Request Data button. It will call the API to get the product list that the user has bought using the IBM Digital twin exchange in a digital marketplace

d) The “Filter by Name” can be set to filter products by name. The multiple records can be selected to import the asset/product digital data. The “Import Data” button at the right bottom of the dialog needs to be clicked to import data. After the data is imported status field will get updated with Success or Fail. In case of failure, an information icon will get the display to show error(s). The digital data logger (digitaldata) can be enabled to debug via system properties application

e) The “Import Digital Data” action creates the following data objects:

  • Item records with images
  • Asset with Spare part records for the selected digital twin product with images and attachments
  • Job plan and Job task records with asset link record

f) The Maximo digital twin service uses MXAPIASSETSPARE, MXITEM and MXAPIJOBPLAN integration objects to add/update data

Step 6: Reach out

Now that you know how to browse and purchase content on the IBM Digital Twin Exchange, reach out to our team with any questions during the process. We’re here to help.

  1. Support cadence

  • We will also set up bi-weekly check-in calls with you as needed

2. Contact information

  • Contact a member of our team so that we can troubleshoot with you. Email ibmdtwin@us.ibm.com.