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Learn more about digital twins, and how the Digital Twin Exchange enables digital twin providers and users to exchange digital information and improve equipment, facilities, and enterprise asset management.   Digital twin Store Credits are coming soon and will be linked once available.

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Enable the Intelligent Mine with IBM Digital Twin Exchange and Maximo

The mining industry relies on heavy duty equipment to conduct earthwork operations. Some equipment dig and gouge away at the materials being mined, while others push the mined materials around.

IBM Maximo Academy Keynote – Digital Twin Exchange

Lisa Seacat DeLuca is a Director & Distinguished Engineer, leading the incubation and incorporation of the Digital Twin across IBM’s IoT offering suite and driving the digital transformation of IoT

Prognostics and Data Modeling that Extend the Remaining Useful Life of Wind Turbines

The main source of premature failures is the gearbox but the source of these failures has not yet been determined. As a result, wind farm operators must evaluate the asset

Europe’s largest shipping port wants to be the world’s smartest

The Port of Rotterdam is nearly 13,000 hectares in size. Most sports fields are one hectare. Imagine 12,713 of them—filled with ships and quays and people—stretching 41 miles across The

Designing better machines: the evolution of a cognitive Digital Twin explained

Planes and pumps, buildings and bridges. Each has unique story to tell, if we have the capability to listen. That surprising truth was the basis for my keynote at Hannover Messe

Buildings with DNA: why today’s “smart” buildings were never dumb

Ask yourself these questions: when was the last time you experienced the latest and most innovative technology, at work? Is your workplace more technically equipped than your home? It is

How the Port of Rotterdam is using IBM digital twin technology to transform itself from the biggest to the smartest

Some processes are so complex that you can’t risk failure by experimenting with a different approach. Other processes are so critical to operations that you dare not go offline to

French railway operator accelerates innovation

With Watson IoT Platform gathering insights from real-time data, French rail operator boosts the quality, security and availability of its trains

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